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:: S1000D - Consulting


» We help you determine all the steps required for creating an S1000D project.

  • Introduction to S1000D.
  • Creation of project business rules documentation that results from helping you make the project specific decisions.
  • Creation of project's style guides.
  • Creation of documents and the business rules exchange data module (BREX).

» Next, we will help you configure your CSDB (Common Source Database). This help ranges from the definition and selection of the model identification codes, the definition of the standard numbering systems that relate to your hardware, the selection of the information codes and the related data module types you will need, and the versions of S1000D that are best for you to use. We will also assist you in the creation of the project's DMRL (Data Module Requirement List), and give you help and guidance on how this is managed in a multi-partner environment.

» We also advise on the use of information repositories (if you need them), and we help you set up your applicability model if you need it - that is, the definition of your product, condition and applicability cross reference tables and what your inline applicabilities need to be.

» Finally, we provide help in setting up your CSDB environment and assist you by providing tools that will ensure the quality of your data.