S1000D IETP Viewer » S1000D IETP Viewer (BETA) S1000D compliant IETP viewer supporting all S1000D revisions.
CGM Manager Icon » CGM Manager A powerful Windows application that manages collections of CGMs, performs compliance checks against one or more CGM profiles, and oversees the conversion of the CGMs to different profiles.
intelliCGM Icon » IntelliCGM (BETA) Windows application that detects intelligence from CGM file based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms.
CGM Metacheck Icon » Metacheck™ A Program for Verifying the Standards-Conformance of Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGMs).
YCX Icon » Yankee-Clipper X (YCX) is a super powerful clipboard extender that has a functionality our competitors haven't even dreamed of yet. It saves time by collecting everything that was copied to Windows® Clipboard and allows reuse later. YCX has powerful but intuitive settings and customization options. It comes in two views; simple and advanced.
YC3 Icon » Yankee-Clipper3 is the "little sister" of YCX- YC3 has a generous subset of features of YCX. (Some people even believe YC3 has all the features they'll ever need.) YC3 is genuine freeware with no nags, no hidden adware or spyware- we guarantee it. We have been approached many times by companies desiring to "bundle" some hidden application with YC3, but we have more respect for our users than that.