CGM Manager Download CGM Manager

A powerful Windows application that manages collections of CGMs, performs compliance checks against one or more CGM profiles, and oversees the conversion of the CGMs to different profiles. The CGM Manager has a modern graphical user interface and employs a powerful SQL-based relational database on the back end. With the CGM Manager, you may:

  • Group CGM files into independent, named collections and gather statistics about the files comprising the collection. Non binary-encoded CGMs and files that are not recognized as CGMs are highlighted so that they can be dealt with appropriately.
  • View the CGM files as graphics from the CGM Manager. A CGM viewer plug-in like the PTC/Arbortext IsoView viewer must be licensed separately.
  • Run one or more compliance checks (using CTS/MetaCheck) on all files in a collection or against any single file for any profile.
  • Convert all or a selected subset of CGM files to different profiles (like WebCGM version 2.0).
  • Extract and export all Application Structure information ("intelligence") contained in the CGM files to S1000D profile-conforming XCF – companion files.
  • View and report on any non-compliant CGM elements in either the source CGM or the converted CGM.
  • Gather counts of errors and other statistics about your CGMs that help you perform a risk analysis prior to undertaking a large-scale conversion of your legacy CGM files to a newer profile format (e.g., from Corel ActiveCGM or Auto-trol CALS to WebCGM2.0 or S1000D4.1.)