CGM Manager Download CGM Manager
IDE-like environment consisting of number of dockable panels
  • Panel listing all CGM files within each collection.
  • Attributes panel displaying information about each CGM file.
  • Status panel indicating status of each CGM file as conversions and compliance checks are invoked against it.
  • Errors panel listing all errors detected during profile compliance check.
  • Viewer panel displaying the CGM file. (requires ISOView to be installed on the local computer).
  • Easy access to errors and attributes for selected file.
Ribbon control interface
  • Microsoft Office 2007 - like User interface, which will allow to access all functionality on one compact toolbar control.
  • Supports multiple CGM collections, which allows grouping related files together.
  • Converts CGM files into different profiles.
  • Converts CGM files into SVG.
  • Represents CGM files as XML.
  • Initializes from XML representation of CGM.
  • Stiches multiple CGM files vertically or horizontally.
  • Allows viewing original and converted files.
  • Stitch multiple CGM files horizontally.
  • Stitch all individual layers of CGM graphics into a single file.
  • Creates companion files.
  • Powerful SQL-based relational database on the back end.

Gather counts of errors and other statistics about your CGMs that help you perform a risk analysis prior to undertaking a large-scale conversion of your legacy CGM files to a newer profile format (e.g., from Corel ActiveCGM or Auto-trol CALS to WebCGM2.0 or S1000D4.1.)

  • Errors report

    Lists all errors encountered during profile checks grouped by selected collections.

  • Profiles report

    Lists statistical information such as intelligence, encoding, profile names for selected collections

Ability to convert all or a selected subset of CGM files to different profiles (like WebCGM version 2.0).
Companion File
Extract and export all Application Structure information ("intelligence") contained in the CGM files to S1000D profile-conforming XCF – companion files.
Compliance Check
Run one or more compliance checks (using CTS/MetaCheck) on all files in a collection or against any single file for any profile.
View the CGM files (original or converted) as graphics from the CGM Manager. A CGM viewer plug-in like the PTC/Arbortext IsoView viewer must be licensed separately.