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What Is IntelliCGM?

IntelliCGM is a tool that utilizes advanced technology to enhance existing CGM graphics such as IPBs, detail locators, block diagrams and wiring diagrams. A key output of IntelliCGM is an XML Companion File (XCF file) created automatically without any human intervention as well as the updated CGM file as a result of automatically detected intelligence. This file contains rich information that can be used in an intelligent graphics viewing application to support equipment maintenance activities.

How Does IntelliCGM Save Me Money?

Authoring any technical drawing is an expensive process. In most cases the technical drawings are created according to mandatory authoring guidelines or specifications stipulated by the customer and, due to the extra cost of adding intelligence (like hotspots) and of sustaining the intelligence information, the graphics typically don't contain much intelligence.

Even if there are written specifications, how can one check the graphic without having to spend many hours to determine if the CGM file is in compliance with the all the various rules. No one can afford to do this!

Just to create a single new CGM technical graphic is an expensive process without considering the cost of adding more intelligence into the graphic. And for legacy files, who would want to bear the expense of re-authoring the graphic and, at the same time, re-doing the intelligence? Sustainment is another thing to consider. These days no one wants to pay for changing the intelligence every time the graphic changes.

How Does IntelliCGM Add Value To My Graphics?

The customer's experience during the maintenance process is what is the most important. That experience is poor if the graphic doesn't contain intelligence that would allow additional functionality such as:

  • Looking up the wire number.
  • Following wires across sheets.
  • Obtaining information about electrical components from the WDM.
  • Verifying whether such objects as Reference Designators, Switches, Grounds, Wires, and Circuit Breakers have valid names.
  • Referencing System or Component diagrams.
  • Display graphics related to other electrical components.
  • Searching for text which is contained inside grahpics.

This is where IntelliCGM comes in–it adds value to your existing and new CGM graphics regardless of the type of graphic. IntelliCGM is fully configurable and can recognize intelligence on IPBs, locators, wiring blocks or diagrams. Our powerful CGM parsing and rule-checking engines can detect sequence of lines and turn them into electrical components, systems, notes, IPB links, and reference designator or detail locator links.

In addition to intelligence detection, validation, and reporting, IntelliCGM can report on all items from the CGM graphic that don't comply with a customer's business rules..

How Easy Is IntelliCGM To Use?

The process of detecting the intelligence doesn't require a user's intervention. All graphics can be scanned in a batch process mode and the intelligence detection warnings/error reports will be produced for later perusal.

Using IntelliCGM is as simple as creating a "project profile", which consists of authoring guidelines and rules, and then opening a CGM graphic to see what can be detected automatically and what was authored not in accordance with authoring rules.

With IntelliCGM you can finally reuse the same graphic in multiple contexts.

What Intelligent Objects Can IntelliCGM Detect?

IntelliCGM is driven by powerful configuration engine, which can be adjusted to meet any requirement. Some of the items that can be detected are:

  • System References.
  • Component References.
  • Reference Designators.
  • Grounds.
  • Relays.
  • Splice Groups.
  • Switches.
  • Notes.
  • Note References.
  • Detail Locators.
  • Part Indexes.
  • Searchable text.
  • Airlines.
  • Off-sheet Connectors.
  • To-Sheet Links.

What Else Can IntelliCGM Do?

Searching for text in an IETM is a very powerful feature, but, in most cases, the graphics files themselves are not searchable. Imagine being able to search not only for text included in the maintenance sections but also for text contained in CGM graphics such as reference designator numbers, system and component names, notes, legends, and even wire numbers.

IntelliCGM can identify graphics that contain certain phrases. Using this powerful search functionality, modification and sustainment of CGM graphics is much simpler. Imagine incorporating an engineering change and being able to identify graphics that use a specific component or item that needs to be modified.

Some IPB graphics are used in maintenance graphics. For these, IntelliCGM builds logic in the companion (XCF) file to detect the differences between the same graphic used in multiple contexts.

IntelliCGM also supports the authoring of single (monolithic) graphics and splitting them into individual sheets prior to shipping the data to the customer.