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IDE-like environment consisting of number of dockable panels
  • Panel listing all Hotspots detected and already existing in the currently open CGM file.
  • Panel listing all intelligence contained in the automatically generated XCF file (contexts, actions, events, functions, text).
  • Panel for viewing and observing the intelligence in the CGM file.
Ribbon control interface
  • Microsoft Office 2007 - like User interface, which will allow to access all functionality on one compact toolbar control.
  • Supports multiple profiles of the CGM standard including WebCGM, the most widely-specified profile for current aerospace programs.
  • Employs a powerful configuration engine thereby allowing the support of custom authoring guidelines and detection rules.
  • Provides multiple operating modes allowing the viewing and detection of hotspots on CGM files as well as testing XCF logic in CGM Viewer.
  • Groups all hotspots (detected or already existing) into separate collections in hierarchically-organized folder/file arrangement.
  • Creates a companion (XCF) file that contains all the information needed to support interaction when the file is being viewed with an intelligent graphics viewer.
  • Serves as a QA tracking tool.
  • Splits a monolithic graphic into smaller pieces like sheets.
XCF (XML Companion File)
  • Automatically create an XCF file for a single or multiple graphics.
  • Automatically verify the data integrity and dependencies among the content of an XCF file and its references.
  • Provides support for multiple contexts allowing the reuse of the same graphic in different areas of a Tech Pubs Manual such as the IPB and Maintenance procedures.
  • Capable of extracting text and other attributes detected in the graphic and make them searchable.
  • Groups related items together such as single wires forming a path from a switch to a system or component.
  • Serves as a QA tracking tool.
  • Gives the ability to invoke multiple actions against a single CGM object such as a display-related detailed graphic or the information from a WDM.
  • Verify data in the CGM graphic against a WDM.
  • Verify all CGM primitives against the customer's authoring rules.
  • Ability to modify text.
  • Ability to modify primitive attributes such as line width, type, stroke.
  • Ability to delete primitives from the drawing.
  • Design mode – allowing the review of existing or newly detected intelligence. For example, click on any hotspot to see where it is located on the graphic.
  • XCF View mode – allowing use of intelligence in the XCF file by clicking on given hotspot or simple moving the mouse over an intelligent object.
  • Intelligence detection report -
  • Displays all different categories of detected intelligence and possible errors/warnings associated with them.

    Displays items that were not in compliance with authoring rules and guidelines.

  • XCF report.
  • Lists all errors and warnings related to the XCF file.

  • Split report.
  • Lists all problems related to splitting a single CGM file into smaller pieces.