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The CGM Manager is a powerful Windows application designed to streamline CGM graphics QA workflow by organizing, analyzing, and converting collections of illustrations while silmutaneously improving productivity. With a modern graphical user interface, the Modular GUI integrates with CGM Metacheck and an integrated viewer to provide you with comprehensive information about your library of illustrations. With the CGM Manager, you may:

  • Organize large collections of CGM files and group them by project.
  • Perform compliance check against CGM profiles and CGM standard.
  • Convert CGMs to other formats.
  • Provide statistics and reports about CGM files.

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  • Organize large collections of CGM files and group them by project.
  • Export Errors and Profiles information to Excel.
  • Perform a compliance check agains all CGM profiles including CGM standard with CTS/Metacheck
  • Generate error and profile information reports over the entire collection or for specific illustrations.
  • Export CGM to both SVG and XML.
  • Preview illustrations with an integrated viewer.
  • Coming soon - Ability to invoke IntelliCGM from CGM Manager.