CGM Metacheck

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CTS/Metacheck™ is a standalone program that interprets data files purporting to conform to the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Standard (ANSI/ISO 8632) and other profiles.

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CTS/MetaCheck™ produces a report detailing how well a given CGM conforms to the standard. CTS/MetaCheck™ has options (which must be purchased separately) that further check for conformance to most of the key industry profiles including:

  • Several versions of the S1000D Profile
  • Several versions of the WebCGM Profile
  • The current CALS (Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistical Support) CGM Application Profile MIL-D-28003A profile
  • Many versions of the Airline Transport Association (ATA) CGM profile
  • The Petroleum Industry Profile (PIP)
  • The Automobile Industry Profile (J2008)
  • The ISO Model Profile

With any profile option, CTS/MetaCheck™ produces an expanded report documenting how well the given CGM also conforms to the requirements of the specific application profile.

Now CTS/MetaCheck™ can be run from CGM Manager Learn More