CGM QA Process Manager

CGM Manager

Revolutionary way to manage quality of your technical illustrations!!!

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CGM QA Process Manager Flowchart


The CGM QA Process Manager provides an automated way to manage your technical illustrations. The CGM QA Process Manager ensures that all illustrations comply with CGM specification, specific profile, and business rules. By using CGM QA Process Manager you can be confident that the illustrations you receive from your vendors meet your projects’ specifications. With the CGM QA Process Manager, users can:

  • Automatically validate illustrations placed in a monitored directory.
  • Recognize new files and automatically initiate a verification process by invoking IntelliCGM.
  • Generate reports and sort graphics based on the outcome of IntelliCGM verification process.
  • Receive email notifications to alert you of any problems.

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  • Customize workflow processes to account for unique vendor rules/specifications.
  • Customize your directory structure and verification rules for each project.
  • Test CGM files for business rules, CGM specification and CGM profile.
  • Monitor multiple projects for incoming graphics.
  • Email notifications of various tests and verification processes.