• A handle holding cubes stacked together



  • CGM Manager

    CGM Manager

    A powerful Windows application that manages collections of CGM files.

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  • Screenshot of intelliCGM


    Windows application that detects intelligence on a CGM file based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

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  • Screenshot CGM MetaCheck

    CGM Metacheck

    CTS/Metacheck™ is a standalone program that interprets data files purporting to conform to the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Standard (ANSI/ISO 8632) and other profiles.

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  • Screenshot of CGM QA Process Manager

    CGM QA Process Manager

    Revolutionary way to manage quality of your technical illustrations!!!

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  • Yankee-Clipper 3

    The “little sister” of YCX

    YC3 has a generous subset of YCX’s features (Some people even believe YC3 has all the features they will ever need). YC3 is genuine freeware with no nags, neither hidden adware nor spyware- We guarantee it!

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  • Screenshot of Yankee-Clipper X

    Yankee-Clipper X

    A super powerful clipboard extender that has a functionality our competitors haven’t ever dreamed of yet.

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Why InteleXual?



Regardless of the size of your company, technological infrastructure greatly impacts the culture, efficiency, and relationships of your business. When it comes to enterprise, there is no "one size fits all." Every client and project is unique and requires an enterprise solution to meet specific needs and requirements. As leaders in enterprise, we understand the importance of developing custom-tailored dynamic technology strategies to propel organizational growth and competitive advantage.



When it comes to quality, we expect nothing less than excellence. We stand behind the caliber of our custom-tailored software design and technology solutions. Our team of experienced designers, engineers and project managers combine their years of industry experience and expertise to create the highest quality products and solutions to drive innovation, turning your dreams into tangible realities.



When you partner with InteleXual, you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands. Our team of seasoned industry professionals improves the quality of your organizational technology with innovative, smart software and customized solutions to empower growth and development. Our talented staff possess vast expertise with proven and emerging quality assurance tools, technologies, and methodologies across a broad spectrum of businesses and industries.



At InteleXual, we understand no two businesses are the same and neither are their needs. We are always pushing the limits to find creative solutions to solve your organizational challenges. Using the latest innovative tools and technology, we leverage world-class experiences to achieve optimal results designed to empower your organization to achieve its goals.



When it comes to delivering the best solutions, flexibility is essential to success. Your business is constantly evolving and requires a flexible approach to both organizational operations and technology solutions. Our team of design experts are committed to providing flexible solutions to meet your ever-changing needs allowing you to evolve long into the future.


Cost Effective

While we implement industry-leading technologies, we prescribe to an old-fashioned approach to customer service. Our team of software designers, engineers and consultants have recommended and implemented practical, cost-efficient solutions for hundreds of businesses across a wide range of industries. We offer the highest quality at the most competitive prices and can do the same for your organization.

Coming Soon


  • Embedded CGM Editor
  • Embedded XML Editor
  • Embedded IETM Viewer

IETP Viewer

  • Supports all versions of S1000D
  • Applicability support
  • Advanced search
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CGM Editor

  • Edit individual layers
  • Quick-Actions support
  • Custom symbol library